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The Solutions Incubator

The Solutions Incubator offers multi-year incubation of disruptive, simple, and preventive solutions to small nonprofits and social investors.  It provides 3-years of social solutions training to design, plan, and implement social solutions that lessen and end social issues in disadvantaged communities. 

What People Say

"The Prep Institute has been very instrumental in the development of my health and wellness company. They have provided invaluable technical advisors, business specialists, and numerous resources that are vital to building a sustainable business model.  Over the past 3 years, their training has equipped me to evolve from operating with a coach's mindset to that of a CEO, which allowed my company to quickly assess and make the necessary pivot to press forward in wake of the recent global crises. I recommend anyone who is ready and willing to take on the challenge of creating an impactful business seek their services"

—  Ebony Wright, CEO Time for Wellness

Why should you join the Solutions Incubator?

  Social issues cannot be solved overnight.  The Solutions Incubator welcomes individuals, organization and philanthropist who want to start or advance social solutions.  It provides a virtual and in-person safe space where you can learn how to put one foot in front of the other, over a three year period of time to keep you on course.  You will be a part of a global community who believes that people are the key to solving social problems.  

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