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Showcasing Solutions At Work

Our Work

Our clients ignite social solutions that lessen and eliminate social challenges using disruptive, simple and preventive solutions  They are addressing societal needs, building community and changing lives for the better. 

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01 - Simple Solution - Nonprofit Education

RISE San Diego

RISE San Diego realized that the smallest nonprofits with annual budgets less than $100k are invisible from mainstream funding and nonprofit business development training. Since 2015, its Nonprofit Partnership Program solves this problem with free nonprofit business and fund development training for urban leaders operating solutions that combat social challenges. 

02 - Disruptive Solution - Equitable Healthcare

Multicultural Health Foundation

In 2013, the Multicultural Healthcare Foundation set out to disrupt how quality medical services were delivered to ethnic, immigrant and refugee communities.  It raised over $5 million dollars to bring healthcare into the homes of chronically ill residents, including its COVID-19 outreach to over 140,000 African Americans.

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03 - Disruptive Solution - Diversifying History

Our Genetic Legacy

The legacy, culture and contributions of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Americans is missing from the official storyline of the founding of America due to the historical dehumanization and erasure of BIPOC Americans. Our Genetic Legacy (OGL) creates projects that expose and publish lost family legacies of BIPOC Americans in order to diversify, correct and expand the current history of America to include all Americans.

04 - Disruptive Solution - Co-Working Space

You Belong Here

Despite artists generating 1.3 billion dollars for the San Diego economy,  there is a lack of resources to help them grow their business.  You Belong Here's Co-Working Space offers emerging artists the space and business development training to turn their artistic talent and artwork into profitable businesses. 

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Dollar Bills

05 - Prevention Solution - Preventing Economic Dependency

Amna Sancutary

Amna Sanctuary is ending dependency on government financial aid for newly resettled immigrants and refugees. Bless These Hands is its micro-enterprise program where women from Afghanistan and Iraq receive seamstress training, sewing machines, and fabric to start their business. This program builds a network of refugee entrepreneurs, selling clothing and home decor products that respect the cultural traditions of Afghanistan and Iraq communities. Business revenue is eliminating dependency on government financial assistance programs and offers economic empowerment to women.

06 - Prevention Solution - Preventing Hunger

I Love to Glean

Thousands of families in San Diego go hungry every night while the food industry places food in landfills.  I Love to Glean's countywide food recovery system partners with restaurants, grocery stores, food banks, and community farms to pick up and distribute food to families in need.  It has fed over 100,000 families and is expanding its food recovery system in other San Diego Counties.

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Image by Bruno Nascimento

07 - Disruptive Solution - Reuniting Families

Life Beyond Hope

Out of the 89 recovery homes for substance abuse, only one house provides housing that allows mothers in recovery to live with their children.  One hundred twenty mothers no longer live with their children due to the lack of customized housing. Life Beyond Hope disrupts this problem by designing sober living homes for mothers that align with the Child Welfare policies for reunification.  In July 2021, an additional home opened for 20 mothers and their children.

08 - Disruptive Solution - Nonprofit Procurement Training

RISE San Diego and the County of San Diego

In San Diego, small nonprofits are invisible to government funding.  They do not know how to apply for contract opportunities with the County of San Diego n do they have required compliance systems. On behalf of the County of San Diego, RISE offers Ready-Set-Go as the only simulation training program where small nonprofits learn to apply for government contracts. Organizations also receive monetary stipends to upgrade or install new compliance systems. 

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