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We Are Social Solution Architects
There is a social problem you are concerned about and we help you solve it.

The Prep Institute, LLC consults with and teaches social investors and nonprofit organizations on designing and implementing simple, disruptive, and preventive solutions to eliminate and lessen social issues.​ 

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What is the root cause of social challenges?

Why Consult and Train with Us

 Our unique Solutions Lab sidesteps informational workshops.  You will learn how to prepare and practice the steps to design or redesign your solution. Root cause analysis will identify the real social problem and examine it from a broader system's point of view.  Our Solutions Incubator offers three years of ongoing coaching and training to help you perform the critical activities to implement your social solution.  

Why Our Work is Important 

Our response to the alarming rise of social challenges in our multi-ethnic communities is to provide social solutions training that teaches how to transform disruptive, simple, and preventive solutions into productive action.  New solutions to eliminate and lessen social challenges require new approaches. Our training answers your questions about how to turn social solutions into reality.


Who We Serve:

  • Philanthropists and Social Investors seeking social solutions to eliminate or lessen challenges in marginalized communities.

  • Membership Organizations wanting to train their nonprofit grantees and members to use business practices to start, advance, and sustain social solutions. 

  • Government Agencies desiring to teach small nonprofits about government contracting to advance the implementation of social solutions.

  • Nonprofits and For-Profits seeking to improve the way they design, fund and implement social solutions and management operations.

What People Say

Natache Muschette, CEO
The Prep Institute, LLC
1050 University Avenue, #710
San Diego, California 92103

240-604-2816 (Mobile)


We did not know how to train our nonprofit members about growing and sustaining their solutions. 

Since 2016, The Prep Institute's unique education method has taught over 35 member organizations how to strategically solve social problems with disruptive, simple, and preventive solutions and manage their organizations.

—  Annamarie Till, Project Director

RISE San Diego, Nonprofit Partnership Program

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