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The Social Solutions Incubator

 There is no quick fix for social problems. By answering "how do I do it" questions, we assist you in taking up to three years to develop and implement a solid social solutions framework. 



Our Impact


Social Problem Solving

Small nonprofits are using social problem solving as a tool to design, beta test and distribute disruptive, preventive and simple solutions to end pervasive community problems.

Their efforts are implementing affordable social solutions that communities and organization want to use.


Funding Impact

Our Project Team, in partnership with small nonprofits, have raised over $36.5 million dollars from a block grant, innovation grants, city and county program grants and government contracts.  Much of the $36.5 was raised by small nonprofits with annual revenues less than $250k.


Distribution Impact

Three education solutions such as Debt Free College Access, Neurodivergent Classrooms and a History Makers Workshop for BIPOC students and families are operating in over 5 schools. 

An emergency clothing closet has scaled to three locations in California.

Our Unique Approach

Nonprofit business development is not a one-size-fits-all process.  The incubators available to you will cater to your organization's development needs. Each incubator aims to build your mastery in linking organizational development to operating effective and sharable social solutions.

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Power of Performance Incubator

The Power of Performance Incubator examines your current business model and social solution to determine what organizational development adjustment is needed to maximize effectiveness.

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Impact-By-Design Incubator for Growth

IBD specializes in the growth of minority-owned and minority-led nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Small organizations benefit by developing and implementing a roadmap for growth with tailored advice from coaches.

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Social Solutions Distribution Incubator

Is there a social solution that you would like to share or sell to other organizations?  By participating in this incubator, you will learn how to package and distribute your social solution in order to help more people and generate diversified revenues.

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Ready-Set-Go Incubator

In Ready-Set-Go, you will be guided through the entire government contracting process.  As a result, you will develop your skills in the areas of compliance, performance, and government proposal writing. 

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  Capacity Building Projects

Do you have a special or urgent project that requires subject matter expertise?  In this incubator, you will have the opportunity to work with a subject matter expert on an advanced project.  

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Not Sure ?

If you are not sure which incubator best suits your needs, contact us for a free 30 minute consultation.

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