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Learning Options 

Capacity Building Labs will guide your progress in strengthening your internal and external organizational capacity to solve a social problem. We teach individuals and nonprofits the steps to solve a social problem and partner with philanthropists and organizations to strengthen their grantees and members' ability to solve social problems.  

Flexible Training Options

Customize Your Solutions Lab

To achieve your training goals, you can customize your Solutions Lab for yourself, members, grantees, and nonprofit organizations.  

Your Solution Labs

You can customize your Solutions
Labs for yourself, members, grantees
and organizations.  

Step 1: Select Who Attends

The design process begins with selecting the participants who will benefit from the training:  You can design your Solution Labs for yourself or others to include:

  • Individuals

  • Grantees

  • Members

  • Stakeholders

  • Investors

  • Board Members

  • Community Members

  • Nonprofit Organizations

  • Combination of a Diverse Group of People

Step 2: Customize the Lab

After you select the participants, you can design your Solution Labs to provide them with the right training:  You can design your lab by choosing the best:

  • Solutions Lab

  • New Training Materials

  • Duration

  • Pace

  • Timing to Suit Your Time Zone

  • Frequency of Contact Time

  • Choice of Communication Platforms

  • Interaction Between Stakeholders

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