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  • Debt-Free College Access

  • Neurodivergent Classrooms

  • History Makers Workshop - Preserving BIPOC History

  • Drone Technology & Careers for Young Women of Color

  • Emergency Services - Clothing

  • Intergenerational Mental Healthcare

  • Veteran Art for Mental Healthcare

  • Food Storage Hubs for Hunger Relief

  • Business Development for Urban Artists and Immigrant and Refugees

Debt-Free College Access

Awarded $1 million expansion grant from the San Diego Unified School District. 


Operating in 6 schools, 200 students with full tuition, 89% admissions.


75% graduate debt free. $7.2 million in scholarships raised.  

Image by Dom Fou

Neurodivergent Classrooms

The Neurodivergent Student Alliance operates in 10 U.S. schools as well as one in Hong Kong. Student activists are reshaping educational systems to create responsive classrooms for students who are neurodiverse and experience varying degrees of autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders.

Classroom Lecture

Intergenerational Trauma

Awarded a $1 million innovation grant by Alliance Healthcare Foundation to disrupt the cycle of intergenerational trauma. The program prioritizes mental health needs of communities of color and trains BIPOC mental health providers to spread a culture of healing in communities of color.

Therapy Session

Cold Food Storage Hubs

A nonprofit organization that operates a regional food recovery system. To strengthen the local region's capacity to recover and redistribute edible food to hungry residents, the organization partners with a number of food generators, food recovery/distribution organizations, and kitchens. It has received and delivered over 3.7 million pounds of nourishing food, worth over $4 million. The creation of a Cold Food Hub is a collaborative effort among feeding organizations, farmers and fisherman who require cold and frozen storage facilities.

Image by Dan Gold

History Makers Workshop

Several schools are participating in a program to teach students how to locate, write and publish BIPOC legacies for the first U.S. history book that includes student and family-written contributions.

Image by Natalia Yakovleva

Drone Project

Awarded $100k by the County of San Diego to create a new generation of BIPOC female innovators in the field of digital historic preservation and drone technology.  Building the career skills  to become high-income earners via a paid workforce development program.


Efforts are underway to expand to Ghana and London.

Image by Jonathan Lampel

Vet Art Projects

Awarded $2.2 million by the State of California to expand Pop-Up Community Creative Arts Cafes.  These events  focus on mental wellness for veterans transitioning from military service to civilian life.  Over 400 veterans attend events in San Diego, Sacramento and elsewhere. They showcase their art to promote wellbeing.

Veteran Memorial Service

Urban Artists Start-Ups

A creative business incubator is providing training to over 300 artists in business development skills that will enable them to graduate from living below the poverty line to operating profitable art businesses. During the Creative Business Fellowship Program, urban artists are taught how to MONETIZE their creativity by developing a business model, pricing their services and products, tracking expenses and building profit, protecting their intellectual property, and developing a business plan for long-term success.

Image by Frankie Cordoba

Clothing Closets

Currently available in four locations. Partnership with the City of San Marcos' Community Center and two Family Justice Centers to install a specialized clothing closet at their locations for infants, youth, women and men who are in immediate need of clothing. Collaborates with law enforcement and special services to ensure that clothing is available to victims of rape and abuse. Dresses students and professionals for school and work.

Well Organized Closet
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