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Capacity Building Labs

In Capacity Building Labs, nonprofit organizational development theories are transformed into real-world practice. 


Problem Solving Learning Labs Explore the Root Cause and Systems Involved in Creating and Solving the Problem

Root Cause Diagram.


Uncovers the Root Cause of the Problem

The Root Cause Learning lab teaches how to use the 5-Whys problem-solving technique to uncover the real reason the social challenges exist.

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Should You Start a Nonprofit?

The Nonprofit Lab asks and answers if you should start a nonprofit.  It explores other options to solve social challenges with collaborative approaches.

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Systems Thinking In Action

The Systems Lab reshapes social, economic, community, and cultural systems to interconnect activities that contribute to and fortify social solutions. 

What We Teach

 Labs offer capacity building training in the areas of social problem solving, designing solutions, and nonprofit business management. A variety of labs are available that support both individual and group learning and can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

What People Say

I have known that my business needed to expand and grow, yet I was unsure of the foundational steps that I would need to take to make this possible. The unknown felt scary and questionable. The Prep Institute has given me the tools, direction, and confidence in understanding that my vision is attainable. I'm ending this program with a robust business plan that empowers and energizes me for the next phases of growth, a pitch deck, a new community of purpose-driven fellow peers, and a positive outlook. 


-Nic Roc, Founder/CEO, You Belong Here


Solutions Learning Labs teach how to use either a disruptive, simple or preventive solutions to solve a social challenge.

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Solving Problems using New Approaches

Disruptive thinking is about thinking differently. The Disruptive Lab examines non-conventional solutions that can use proactive, not reactive interventions, to make the social problem obsolete. 

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Stopping Social Problems from Happening

Preventive solutions prevent social issues using early access to support. The Prevention Lab promotes activities to deter predictable social problems from happening to protect community wellbeing. 

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Solving Problems with a Few Steps

The Simple Lab eliminates the artificial complexity of social solutions to design straightforward steps to solve the problem. 


The Nonprofit Business Learning Labs Teach Accountable and Compliant Management Practices

A ripped paper that shows Government Contract.


Preparing for Government Contracting

Ready-Set-Go teaches small nonprofits how to prepare to contract with government agencies. Coursework includes procurement, writing technical proposals, and compliance.

A woman pointing on a piece of paper to two colleagues.


Accountable Management 

The Power of Performance teaches small nonprofits to grow and sustain their social solutions using business modeling, planning, and responsible management practices.

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How to be an Influential Presenter

Speaking the Language of Philanthropists Lab teaches how to present persuasive information to potential funders. Multiple1, 3, 5, and 15-minute practice sessions finetune information delivery.

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